Why Choose DIDI?

A confidence booster

The minute you put on a Didi bikini, it will all make sense! Our fabric is of the highest quality with a very dense tightening aspect. Our pieces cinch and slim in just the right areas giving you a nipped in look while offering compression and support for your core. They will make you feel as if you are wearing a size smaller than usual! The confidence boost our suits will give you is like magic, it will make you want to run to the beach immediately!

 Eco friendly fabrics

One of our highest commitments is making sure that everything we do has the lowest impact on the environment around us. We use eco friendly fabrics that have the maximum sun protection level that textiles can reach, UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor is the measurement of sun protection in textiles). Didi Dian is a Green Company that will continue doing it’s part in being as sustainable and eco friendly as possible.

 Urban Mermaid

Our suits are not just for the beach! Mix and match in and out of the water! You can play around with jeans or a skirt and take advantage of your suit for day to day use as well! That way you are really getting 2 for the price of one!