Know me better

I am Didi Dian...

My real name is Dian, but since I can remember everyone has called me Didi....

I was born in Tel Aviv across the street from the famous Metzizim Beach, a real urban beach girl! The sea runs through my veins like a true mermaid and it translates into my every day life and beliefs. Be kind and respectful to others, live and let live and your life will be filled with as much freedom and goodness as you need!

Starting my career with styling and fashion productions, quickly showed me the less appealing side of fashion. So I decided to study hydrotherapy - water therapy. I was like a fish in the sea, and helping others learn to swim and treating them in the water was something that I really enjoyed!

As someone who is a beach bum at heart, my bikini is my most worn item of clothing. My body build is a bit unconventional, small chest, narrow waist and a larger bum, and it was always so difficult almost impossible for me to find a nice bikini. As I was traveling and living in Costa Rica I found a seamstress who agreed to sew me a bikini according to my personal sizes, from there it was all history! Later she also taught me how to sew!

I started designing and selling my bikinis to tourists and shops around town, and when I would come visit Israel every summer, I would come with my supply and Israeli girls where able to enjoy and rock my suits! I received so much love and positive feedback, that it drove and energized me to design and create more!

Until 2016 I would visit Israel every summer, but it was time to take things to a higher level and actually learn how to build and run my own business. So I returned home and started making things happen.

I am often asked if my plans will keep me here in Israel and my answer is always, "today I am here, let tomorrow bring what tomorrow brings!"

My bikinis reflect me completely! The colors and prints let me run wild with imagination! They are quirky, colorful and full of life! All of the fabrics used are tested to make sure my customer receives the highest quality product.

The custom orders are my favorite part of creating. Helping me connect with my customers on a more personal level, is really why I do this whole thing!

I have very high aspirations, and I know that whatever goal I put in front of me, I will be able to take the Didi Dian brand with me in order to meet those goals and live what some may call unconventional but for me I call freedom. A life filled with traveling and seeing the world helping girls enjoy the same beach life as I do, one bikini at a time!