How to love & care your DIDI DIAN

Follow these 5 simple steps in order to ensure long lasting life and longevity of your suit. A little bit of love and care means so much more time to enjoy your DIDI DIAN swimwear!
  1. Shower before you wear your new suit.
    It is recommended to take a quick shower before you wear your new suit. Creams, deodorants or makeup that you may use on your body may harm or ruin the fabric of your new suit. Wear your DIDI DIAN when your skin is fresh and clean!

  2. Avoid contact with rough surfaces.
    Surfaces like walls of the pool, wooden decks and concrete may cause unravelling of the fabric, try to avoid contact with them.

  3. Wash your suit after use.
    After wearing and enjoying your bathing suit, it is best to wash it off in cold water and then lay it to dry in a shaded area (not in direct sunlight).

  4. Do not machine wash your suit.
    Do not put your DIDI DIAN bathing suit in the laundry machine. Hand rinse your suit with cold water (no soap needed!) for best results. 

  5. Never leave your damp suit rolled in a towel.
    The dampness of your towel and the heat it emits can cause damage with germs that may eat away the fabric and ruin your suit.