Get to know DIDI DIAN

My real name is Dian but everyone calls me Didi.

I am the designer & the owner of DIDIDIAN beachwear.

I was born in Tel Aviv on house on the sea.
And since I remember myself the sea has been, and still is an integral part of my life and daily life.

4 years ago I lived a good few years in the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica and the brand  started there...

I was looking for a bathing suit myself and it has always been an hard task for me.

Thanks to my disproportionate body structure (narrow torso and large lower torso to say the least ..)

I met a local seamstress and together we designed a bathing suit that fit my size exactly and that's how it all started ..

I believe that every person has a mission in this life and my mission as a mermaid is to create and produce comfortable, flattering, high quality, unique swimsuits that will give you a safe and pleasant feeling in your water experience when you are only in a bathing suit.
No matter which size you are, you can find your one
The one you feel comfortable and confidence  and enjoy your water experience.

DIDI DIAN It's actually the girl and woman in each of us
The girl with the free spirit that I wish everyone would always stay inside.
And the beautiful and confident woman you have become.
DIDIDIAN its not only about swimwear its about


And remember
Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can Wear