Get to know me

I am Dian, Didi to everyone since I can remember!

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel and raised across the street from the famous Metzizim Beach, the sea runs through my veins like a true mermaid! Translating into my everyday life and beliefs, be kind and respectful to others, live and let live and your life will be filled with as much freedom and goodness as you need!

Starting my career in the less appealing side of fashion, styling and fashion productions, and then to studying hydrotherapy – water therapy, made me realize I need to go back to my roots, the ocean and living a free-spirited happy life!

After traveling and living in Costa Rica, meeting women of all shapes and sizes, it became clear to me that everyone seemed to have the same problem I did- how to find the best swimsuit for our bodies. A local Costa Rican seamstress taught me the basics of sewing and Didi Dian Beachwear was born!

Created with my true beach bum self in mind, drawing inspiration from my time living in nature and the powers of being surrounded by the sea, I turned my beach lifestyle into the brand I am creating today!

As a brand owner, it is important for me to make sure women not only look good and feel comfortable but more importantly feel amazing about themselves. I know that it's not always the most comfortable thing to wear a bikini to the beach, so it's important for me to make bathing suits which flatter and fit a woman's body.

My bikinis reflect me completely! The colors and prints let me run wild with imagination! They are quirky, colorful and full of life! All of the fabrics used are tested to make sure my customer receives the highest quality product.

DIAN Beachwear supports living a healthy lifestyle of walking barefoot by the sea, feeling the sand between your toes, and getting vitamin D from the sun in order to live a more relaxing and peaceful life! With this mantra in mind, we will continue to create and develop our brand so we can help all women enjoy the same beach lifestyle as we do, one bikini at a time!