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Select your favorite DIDI DIAN  swimwear style and choose from the selection of fabrics. You can make changes specifically for your body type by leaving us a detailed request.  


I met you at your first shop. A small store I can’t even remember the name of the street, but there I bought my first beautiful bikini and full piece that has lasted forever and just sits so amazingly on my body! Then I came again, and I bought a full piece. I saw it in the photos and new it was perfect, but when I tried it on, it just sat exactly as it should for my body type. Of course it sat perfectly, because you custom made this suit to fit me exactly as it should! With lots of patience and laughter, I sat in your living room as you sewed, and I chatted away, and you didn’t even bat an eye. On the contrary, it was a challenge...well, my chest was really the challenge for you ;) You have the most beautiful fabrics with gorgeous prints and such a high quality and preciseness to your work! I highly recommend your suits and anything that you have to offer!

Malka Maayan

I was a bit skeptical when I first came to you, (not a young lady anymore with a skinny body nonetheless). You greeted me with the most amazing smile! I tried on the suit I wanted, and was shocked that it was exactly as I thought! It sits perfectly on the body, the cut is awesome, shows a bit of skin, but also covered in just the right places! The print is light and fun and I left with 2 beautiful suits!

Andrea Korenbloom

Best bikinis in town!! Amazing customer service, friendly, warm knowledgeable and super helpful! Didi’s suits are of high quality and last for many seasons! As someone who lives in her barbers most months of the year, I can say my suits all look as if I bought them yesterday! (Some are even 5 years old already!!) Worth the price and highly recommended!

Ronit Paz Sharoni

I must say, ever since I bought your bathing suit, I am just waiting for the moment I can wear it and feel good about my body!! The compliments I get while wearing come from everywhere! There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best purchase I’ve made and worth every shekel! I have my suit for a year now and it still looks and feels brand new! The cut, quality and the service are all a new experience for me that is just perfect!!

Shiri Siman Tov

I can highly recommend Didi’s perfect bathing suits! Original, creative, beautiful and so much thought goes into each shape and design! If only summer would get here already so I can wear them out and not just around the house!

Noa Ben-Jacob

Didi you really are just amazing! You give such personal customer service, I enjoyed every minute of the shopping experience with you! Any uncomfortableness I had with my body, quickly and easily disappeared with you. Your bathing suits are of such a high quality and the shapes and cuts are just amazing! I will definitely purchase another suit this summer!

Liat Azram